National Day (July 14, 2020)

Message from Ambassador Anne de la Blache,
Permanent Observer of France to the Organization of American States
On the Occasion of the National Day of France

On the occasion of the French National Day, while we are all battling with the Covid-19 crisis and its consequences, France has chosen to share a message of resilience, solidarity and unity.

This message of 2020 is indeed consistent with the history of our national holiday: it comes exactly two hundred and thirty years after the Federation festival of July 14, 1790, in Paris, which had been planned as a celebration of unity. It is exactly one hundred and forty years since, in July 1880, a law was passed, providing that the 14th of July should become France’s National Day as a commemoration of the 1790 Federation Festival, the meaning of such a choice being that the values of unity should always prevail against division.

France’s message is also about solidarity, not only among French citizens but also between France and other regions of the world, Europe of course and the Americas. What we share with countries of North America, Latin America or the Caribbean, is not only some important common history, cultural and family ties but also the same commitment to democracy and to human rights. This message of unity, of resilience and solidarity is more relevant than ever at the global level.

The pandemic does not allow us to celebrate this special occasion, as we would have liked to do, with our friends and colleagues from the OAS and Washington, but we suggest all the same that you spend some time with us.

The Permanent Mission of France to the Organization of American States therefore invites you to attend the flag-raising ceremony at the Garde Républicaine’s headquarters in Paris and is happy to share with you three videos made specifically for this 14 July, one is a classical music recital and the other two are gastronomic, featuring the Chef of the French Ministry For Europe and Foreign Affairs who will explain how to bake French bread and how to prepare some very unusual savoury and colorful French toasts !

Last modified on 14/07/2020

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