Colombia – Haiti – Visit by Jean-Marc Ayrault

Jean-Marc Ayrault, Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Development, will visit Colombia and Haiti from December 16 to 19.

In Colombia, Jean-Marc Ayrault will launch, in Bogota, the cultural exchange season aimed at promoting the richness and diversity of our ties.
He will reaffirm France’s support for the peace initiatives launched by President Juan Manuel Santos, who recently received the Nobel Peace Prize. Lastly, during a visit to Medellin, he will take stock of the contribution of French firms to the Colombian economy, especially in the area of urban development.

In Haiti, Jean-Marc Ayrault will express France’s solidarity in the aftermath of Hurricane Matthew. Following a working meeting with Jocelerme Privert and his government, he will visit the town of Jérémie, where the French sécurité civile [emergency services] teams provided emergency relief. He will meet with the local authorities there, as well as the voluntary community actors working on the ground to restore health infrastructure, rebuild schools and restore agricultural production capacity.

Last modified on 09/11/2017

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